How To Play

By joining a game you become apointed to the board of a multinational company who in the name of extreme altruism (and for some significant tax breaks) must distribute some of their immesne profits to lowly charities. As the cunning fox you are, you've setup your own charity and must now redirect as much of this firehose of funds from silly rinky-dink operations like oxfam to your own back pocket.
However, you can't be entierly blatant about it as, after each quaters funds are distributed, a board member must be fired as they are undoubtedly performing the heinous crime of cold-heartedly stealing what few morsels of funding the benevolent company has seen fit to bestow on the worlds most needy and vulnerable. The swines!
    Join a board of directors
    Distribute funds to yourown and other's charities
    Vote out one of your fellow board members
    Have the most capital in your charity when only two members remain on the board to win

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Accuse a player of embezzlement